Audio Communications

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Omni Integer is the Sole Distributor in Singapore and Indonesia for Phonak Communications Audio Accessories products for law enforcement agencies and security sectors.
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Phonak Roger™ Covert System

The one and only covert wireless audio communications solution with the patented Roger™ Covert System Technology. Intelligible and discreet, Phonak Roger™ Covert System provides clear and reliable performance in any challenging environment for covert operations. The patented technology connects wirelessly to your comms device and coupled with the beam forming microphone and noise cancellation capability, it delivers perfect speech even when the operative is whispering. The Phonak Roger™ Covert System is flexible to be paired with any mobile device (Android,iOS), portable radios and smartphone applications (PTTOC). 


Profilo Nano


Certified Zero-Inteference and the only receiver in the world that uses Transductive Technology, the Profilo Nano offers reliable communications for covert operations.


Primero DPC+

In-ear voice pick-up headset with dynamic hearing protection

Coupled with patented Blind Source Separation (BSS) Technology, Primero DPC+ is a boomless headset capable of instantaneous attenuation to provide fully certified hearing protection to dangerously loud and impulse noises while maintaining ambient awareness and clear communication.


Serenity DPC+

Intelligent Hearing Protection
Dynamic Protection with Communication

Combined intelligent attenuation and dynamic hearing protection, Serenity DPC+ is highly suitable for use in challenging environments where loud noises fluctuate but clear communication is imperative in the operations.



APPI-Com is a full duplex wireless long-range communications solution.
Coupled with Phonak Roger™ Covert System, it is an ultra-compact and sleek solution for covert operations. Lightweight, fast, and easy to deploy, the APPI-Com radio is ideal for private audio network communication. Unlimited users with flexible settings to control the setup, the APPI-Com radio can cover up to a range of 2km LOS. Designed and manufactured in France, APPI-Com radio is CE/FCC/IC/ATEX certified.