Phonak's Certified Service Centre
(Far East)

Omni Integer is the only certified service centre outside of Europe and US for Phonak Communications. This certifies our capability to provide repairs and maintenances conforming to the stringent requirement set forth by Phonak Communications. For more than a decade, we support up to Level Tier 3 of technical troubleshooting for our audio communications devices and the ability to ensure a swifter turnaround time. We provide comprehensive corrective/preventive maintenance, ad-hoc repair services, modification, customisation and training.

Customization & Integration Service

We provide customisation and integration services for both new and existing systems. We understand the different needs of organisations and we offer interoperable systems that meet our customer’s expectation. With our strong in-house capabilities and years of experience in the field of tactical surveillance equipment, we are able to assemble a seamless solution to create business value for our customer’s assets.