Amped Training

Designed specially for the forensics environment, our Amped fleet of products are loaded with features and capabilities. To exploit the vast functionality of each product, it is imperative for user to be trained and certified.  Trainings are offered for Amped FIVE, Amped FIVE Additions, Amped Authenticate and Investigating Video Evidence. All trainings are conducted by certified Amped trainers. 

We have added 4 new Amped FIVE Training modules and these modules are designed specifically for end-users to acquire more advanced skills and knowledge within technical areas of video forensics.

Below are the modules available under Amped FIVE Training:
Module 1: Video Evidence Presentation
Module 2: Measurements and Speed Estimation
Module 3: File Analysis and DVR Conversion
Module 4: Amped FIVE Update

All modules have an approximate duration of 12 hours. These hours can be spanned in 2 full days if the course is In-Person or in 3 half days if Live Online (only Online training is currently available).

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Technical and Covert Surveillance Training

Strictly for law enforcement agencies and personnel only

We provide an extensive range of entry to expert level courses suited to the LE environment. Our courses are conducted by ex-military, ex-law enforcement and ex-government personnel as well as certified trainers from United Kingdom and Europe. Our courses focused on theory, hands-on and real case scenarios and can be conducted locally or in the training premise located in Netherlands. Our courses can also be tailored to suit specific and unique expertise focus.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of trainings we provide (not all courses can be publicly displayed):
• Technical surveillance - Covert deployment of technical surveillance equipment
• CMOE / SOME - Covert & Silent Method of Entry
• Conduct on target - Close target reconnaissance
• Mimicry & Concealments - Skills and knowledge to fabricate bespoke concealments
• Foot and Mobile Surveillance
• Bespoke - Tailored to suit specific operational requirement

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SES4 Training

Conducted by our certified trainer from United States, the three-days intensive training session covers the history and theory of audio as well as the know-how of SES4. The course will equip the user with the knowledge and expertise to fully utilise SES4 and make SES4 an essential tool for the customer’s daily operational needs.

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